Choose Yourself

Choose Yourself! Book Cover Choose Yourself!
James Altucher
Createspace Independent Pub

You are not going to climb the corporate ladder. That idea is dead. No one is managing your career for you. Your "boss" isn't looking out for you. You need to get moving. You need to take control. You need to be moving forward, always. Learning. Improving. Adjusting. Adapting. Be an artist. Hustle. Don't stop. You are responsible for your happiness, health and fulfilling work and wealth.

The $100 Startup

The $100 Startup Book Cover The $100 Startup
Chris Guillebeau
Business & Economics
Three Rivers Press

Smart. Simple. Clear. Concise. No nonsense advice for how to start your side-hustle. Quitting your "real" job and starting a business in your spare bedroom is a fantasy. Once you figure out how you are allocating your time you can then cut the fat and fill those cycles with your side hustle. I like the one page business plan approach. If you can't articulate your value proposition in one page, you need to think about it a LOT more.