The Hero With a Thousand Faces

The Hero with a Thousand Faces Book Cover The Hero with a Thousand Faces
Joseph Campbell
New World Library

I don't know why it took me so long to read this book. It is excellent. All the myths, all the legends, all the....stories follow a basic formula. Campbell shares the format and shows the connections between them all. Buddha, Jesus, Odinson....all the same format. All the same "Hero's Journey".

Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress

Enlightenment Now Book Cover Enlightenment Now
Steven Pinker

Feeling like everything has gone to $%#!? Worried about the future? This is excellent medicine. Pinker takes an analytical approach using data to show that quality of life, wealth, safety, peace, knowledge, and happiness are on the up across the globe!

I would read Thinking Fast and Slow first. It will help with understanding various biases.

There are a LOT of notes. I might try to trim them down by removing some of the stuff that only I would note. There are lots of history and economic history bits.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci Book Cover Leonardo da Vinci
Walter Isaacson
Biography & Autobiography
Simon & Schuster
October 2, 2018

Another top five of 2018. One of the best biographies I've read. It will sit along side of Isaacson's Benjamin Franklin. I feel like Da Vinci could be a cautionary tale to those of us trying to get better all of the time. Its a letter to the lifehackers, the continuous improvers, everyone looking for the perfect way to start (or end) your day. Da Vinci was a fascinating character and he either did not or could not care about any of that stuff. He was an observer. It is a reminder to not let the creativity get beat out of you by "school." Nothing has to be so regimented. Just be. Watch. Listen. Absorb. Let your mind go where it chooses.

Gridiron Genius

Gridiron Genius Book Cover Gridiron Genius
Michael Lombardi
Sports & Recreation
Crown Archetype
September 11, 2018

One of the best books I read in 2018. One of the best books about football. One of the best books about leadership. I am going to hold on to this one for a long time and break it out in 5 years when my daughter is ready to coach her first field hockey team.

Lombardi has found himself in unique positions with some of the greatest minds in football. He shares insights from Bill Walsh, Al Davis, and Bill Belichik.He provides a blueprint for building a championship organization. He gets into the details from personnel to practice to game-day decisions that win titles,

Gridiron Genius explains how to evaluate, acquire, and utilize personnel. Lombardi explains how the smartest leaders script everything: from an afternoon's special-teams practice to a season's playoff run to a decade-long organizational blueprint.

Thinking Fast and Slow

Thinking, Fast and Slow Book Cover Thinking, Fast and Slow
Daniel Kahneman
Business & Economics
October 25, 2011

I'm not going to sugar coat it. This book was a G.R.I.N.D. No joke. This is not for the faint of heart. BUT! It is a great book. The author is a Nobel Prize winning economist. Right. I know. Kahneman describes how are brain processes information and makes decisions. System 1 is the fast-twitch response. System 2 is the deep thought response. System 1 IS A LIAR! System 2 is not much better. But it is trying. Ultimately, Kahneman is trying to get you to think about how you think. Slow down. Give System 2 a chance. It took me MONTHS to get through this book. It requires you to read, let it sink in, put the book down, go take a walk, get a good night's sleep and then pick it up again the next day.

Own the Day

Own the Day, Own Your Life Book Cover Own the Day, Own Your Life
Aubrey Marcus
Harper Wave
April 17, 2018

Aubrey Marcus owns Onnit. I learned about Aubrey and Onnit via the Joe Rogan podcast. Marcus presents a solid program of mind-body-spirit wellness practices. All very simple. Not sure there was a whole lot of new info for me but I like how it is packaged up. Very simple kettlebell and stretching movements can be found in the book. It would also be helpful if you are trying to improve on a specific area. Got to that chapter, digest it and start applying.


Conspiracy Book Cover Conspiracy
Ryan Holiday
Biography & Autobiography
February 27, 2018

I am a Ryan Holiday fan-boy. I just want to be clear. I love how he writes. This book is a bit of a departure for him. It was enjoyable.

In 2007, Gawker Media, outed PayPal founder and billionaire investor Peter Thiel as gay. Thiel's didn't consider himself a public figure, and believed the information was private.

This lead to a decade-long, "meticulously plotted conspiracy" that would end nearly a decade later with a $140 million dollar judgment against Gawker, its bankruptcy and with Nick Denton, Gawker's CEO and founder, out of a job.

Why had Thiel done this? How had no one discovered it? What would this mean--for the First Amendment? For privacy? For culture?

It's a study in power, strategy, and one of the most wildly ambitious--and successful--secret plots in recent memory. I agree with the outcome. I am not 100% sure it was right.

The Unsettling of America

The Unsettling of America Book Cover The Unsettling of America
Wendell Berry
Social Science
September 1, 2015

First published in 1977, it still holds up. A collection of essays from Wendell Berry about the transition to "agribusiness" and its impact on us. The scary part is that in 2018, his arguments are even MORE alarming. We have lost a sense of community. We are destroying nature by chasing profits. Where and when did we go wrong? I feel like this is a must read. It is one of the best books I have ever read.

Tiny Beautiful Things

Tiny Beautiful Things Book Cover Tiny Beautiful Things
Cheryl Strayed
Random House Digital, Inc.

This collection might just contain all the things we need to know. It is profound in so many ways. This is one of those books that you should read over and over until the many (many!) truths that Cheryl Strayed shares with us become embedded in our souls. If that sounds corny to you - you need this book more than anyone.

The Little Book of Hygge

The Little Book of Hygge Book Cover The Little Book of Hygge
Meik Wiking
Penguin UK
September 1, 2016

The Danish word hygge is one of those beautiful words that doesn't directly translate into English, but it more or less means comfort, warmth or togetherness. Hygge is the feeling you get when you are cuddled up on a sofa with a loved one, in warm knitted socks, in front of the fire, when it is dark, cold and stormy outside. It that feeling when you are sharing good, comfort food with your closest friends, by candle light and exchanging easy conversation. It is those cold, crisp blue sky mornings when the light through your window is just right. Denmark is the happiest nation in the world and Meik puts this largely down to them living the hygge way. They focus on the small things that really matter, spend more quality time with friends and family and enjoy the good things in life. "The Little Book of Hygge" will give you practical steps and tips to become more hygge