The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild Book Cover The Call of the Wild
Jack London

I didn't want a dog. Little did I know it at the time, but my wife and daughter overrode me. I was a week out before needing to remove a blood clot in my brain. I didn't have any fight in me. And the day we picked up Jackson, I was out of it.

Over time, Jackson, became MY dog.

The Kindle notes are few on this one but they do a perfect job of relating how I feel about J.

Thus, as token of what a puppet thing life is, the ancient song surged through him and he came into his own again;

(they had grub-staked themselves from the proceeds of the raft and left Dawson for the head-waters of the Tanana)

Thornton knelt down by Buck’s side. He took his head in his two hands and rested cheek on cheek. He did not playfully shake him, as was his wont, or murmur soft love curses; but he whispered in his ear. “As you love me, Buck. As you love me,” was what he whispered. Buck whined with suppressed eagerness.

As Thornton got to his feet, Buck seized his mittened hand between his jaws, pressing in with his teeth and releasing slowly, half-reluctantly. It was the answer, in terms, not of speech, but of love.